Registration enDs April 30th, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 virus,

the CSUQ Cup Tournament

has been postponned

until further notice


about us

The CSUQ CUP is an annual event that attracts and brings together the soccer fans to spend a memorable day all in name of team spirit.

During a day full of competitions, the teams will compete to reach the final and compete for the tournament cup. In addition to unifying the sports enthusiasts of the community, this tournament aims to raise funds for the programs of the youth department of the CSUQ.

Let’s play together for the future of our youth and that of our community.

President's Word

With the help of a powerful and resourceful team, it is our goal to bring to new heights, the already successful job that has been done by my predecessors. We want to make the CSUQ 2020 Soccer Tournament a place where members of our community can come together and spread the word that these amazing opportunities exist for our youth, all while raising funds to help ensure that these programs continue.


This coming May, we will host over 100 participants and their families for a chance to compete and be entertained. We hope to see you all there, whether it be as a participant, sponsor or volunteer. All are welcome!


President of the 2020 CSUQ CUP