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  • What is the purpose of the CSUQ CUP ?
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  • If I don't want to play but would still like to participate, how can I do so ?"
    There are many ways the organisation could use your help: Donate your time by volonteering for the day of the tournament Help raise funds by reaching out to individuals or businesses that want to help our cause. Help recruit players and raise awarness of the tournament via social media Donate to the organisation directly and a tax receipt will be given to you. Either way we are thankful for your interest in wanting to help.
  • Can I sign up even though I don't have a team?
    Yes, Our committee members will come in contact with you and help place you on a team that fits.
  • Where is the tournament this year ?
    Stade 5 Click on the link below for directions !
  • What does my participation fee include ?
    Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease: Entery to the tournament Full athletic uniform that you keep ( Tshirt and Short ) Breakfast lunch and snacks throughout the day. The chance to participate in our half time mini competition such as Target shooting, Penalty shot competition and stronges shot ! Gift bag with a bunch of goodies for yo benefit and remember us from. A day of entertainment. competition, and sports filled events.
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